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We focus on Plastic Machinery Gearbox, Rubber Machinery Gearbox, Custom Gearbox, R Series Helical Gear Motor products and so on

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China Great Power Group Co.,Ltd

Great Power Group Co.,Ltd

Great Power Group is a professional high-tech company dedicated to global industry fields, which is focused on power transmission technology solutions. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta Area near Shanghai and Nanjing city. The traffic and logistics are well-developed here. Whether it is by sea, rail, automobile, or air, it can be achieved quickly and efficiently. Great Power Group mainly offers multiple gearboxes, gear speed reducers, geared motors, gearmotors, precision gears, drive shafts, and relevant mechanical parts in a variety of fields like rubber and plastics, metallurgical mines, wind and nuclear power, food industry, paper industry, hoist crane, wire and cable, packing machine, conveyors, textiles, ceramics, petrochemical, and construction, etc. Our group company has ...

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